4 Aspects to Follow Regarding Sprayer Hose Reels
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July 9, 2019
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September 12, 2019


Purchase a quality branded reel. Make yourself sure that replacement parts are readily available. For standard color reels, replacement parts are easy to purchase. An electric rewind reel will be costly for you due to electrical components, purchase price, and other additional requirements. Many businesses believe that the increased productivity of a technician can compensate for the extra cost.


Install the reel. By induction, it will be easier for the technician to reach and work without any support or stretch. If majority stops are in residential areas and vehicles will be parked at the barrier, side mooting the reel will be beneficial. Side mount reels for passenger means raising the reel off the truck bed. The consideration of driver visibility is crucial while installing the hose reel. If the reel is to face the truck’s rear, mounting the reel at the level of bed will be visually appealing. The downside is the tailgate.

Only use a push-button for electric reels. Ensure that the push button is easily located for the access of the technician. Ask the hose reel manufacturer to install a fuse and solenoid for the protection of the reel motor. Make sure the absence of reel lock on electric reels. The reason is if the reel gets locked when pushing the button, damage may occur. Any water nozzle supplier may also suggest not to plumb or hang the reel swivel. This is because the extra weight puts the torque on swivel O-ring, causing leaks and reducing life.


The area which requires significant attention is the hose reel swivel area. It will eventually leak. It is recommended to buy and replace O-rings annually. DO not wait for any leakage to happen. A typical issue with swivel is that it starts to leak with the slow drip. Technicians ignore this drip, thinking it will not make any difference. However, the drip gradually becomes a stream. So, do not wait for stream and contact the water nozzle supplier.


Apart from swivels, hose reels are usually trouble-free. Subsequently, the center hub will get rusty and will need replacement. Your equipment supplier may have the stock for this part. Hub installation is a big task. It requires all the spray hose removal and reel dismantling.

Wrap Up

A few electric reels are chain driven. Therefore, with the consultation of hose reel manufacturer, do chain inspection periodically for excessive wear and tear.

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