Downsides of Water Hose Reels that You Must Know
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Downsides of Water Hose Reels that You Must Know

Water hose reels indeed vary across several points. There are, however, several drawbacks that some reels share regardless of brand or type. You should be aware of these negative points or must ask from your hose reel supplier. As a result, you can find the best reels for your particular needs.

Hose Reel Provides Easy Functionality

The functionality of water hose reels is of significant importance. Some consumers, though, are pretty much particular with the outer shell of the product. The most common reels have hoses that are overtly displayed. This is not much of a problem if you have a reel cart, which you can easily keep in a shed every after usage. However, if you have a reel fixed permanently on the wall, then it is not that easy to transport. If you prefer your hose covertly kept, a new and creative reel design is highly recommended. There are new designs that have appealing exterior cases for the reels.

Hose Reel Requires Care

Some reels are not advisable because they are not easy to use. This is especially noticeable in the cranking mechanism. The least easy to use are fully manual reels. These require you to manually layout and untangle a hose before rolling it in. Some reels may conveniently sport automatic hose retractors. Do take note, though, that even some automatic models can have problems. Some require you to manually spread out a rolling hose to avoid jamming or bunching.

Hose Reels and Portability

Portability is another issue with hose reels. Of course, if you get a wall mount reel, it is understood that you want your reel to stay put in one area. Even wall mounts though, should have the option of being easy to take down. This is to protect hose attachments and the reel itself during harsh seasons. Permanent attachments may not always be good options.

Hose Reel and Flexibility

Water hose reels are not always open to modifications by every hose reel supplier. This may be potentially disadvantageous if you want to add features that cater to some specific needs. Some people prefer to add small cabinets, portable sinks, or trays to their reels. These are possible only if balance and stability are not compromised by the fire cabinets manufacturer.

Materials Used to Manufacture Hose Reels

Finally, some reels are made of less durable materials. Each hose reel supplier use reels that are built using plastic and are less sturdy compared to steel or aluminum. There are only a few plastic reels that are tough enough to withstand use for outdoors. Should you still persist in buying a plastic reel, choose reels that are made of resin, which is strong plastic.

It’s not always easy to spot the bad points of a reel. If you aren’t very good at visual inspections, you can rely on other people’s experiences in relation to product use. Read product reviews so you can determine if a reel has some negative points. Aside from reviews, ratings also reveal a lot about reel quality. Consider getting a reel that is highly recommended by actual users.

Last Word

The function of water hose reels is really simple. But this is not an assurance that its simple functionality can mean it can always work well and endure wear and tear. Considering the downside of reels is essential before you buy one. Doing so saves you from future snags and dissatisfaction.

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