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How to Manufacture Hose Reel

If you are need in need of a garden hose reel manufacturer to make your garden hose safe, you can create your own, or you can purchase one. By following the steps, you can make your device within a day.

1st Step: Procure Wire Spindle of Wood

Visit a fire cabinet manufacturer in your surrounding that offers large spindles of various kinds of wires. Contact stores of electrical supplies, TV cable organizations or even your local power company. A spindle which is around 20 to 24 inches in diameter will come handy for hoses of 20 to 25 foot. Also, you will need a big spindle of 36 inches that will accommodate more considerable lengths.

2nd Step: Structure of the Frame

Cut the lumber of 2 by 10 length into two similar measures of 20 (for one small spindle) to 30 inches (for one larger spindle). Now cut the three by four inch of plywood to a suitable size for making a base of your reel, one and a half to two times the length plus width of the wooden spindle. Measure your spindle’s heights. Put both pieces of lumber two inches wider compared to the spindle roll, and fix them to the basement with wood screws. If enough two by ten lumber is left at your hand, utilize it to brace the two pieces of the frame of the hose reel jointly at the bottom and affix it with wood screws.

3rd Step: Make Holes for the Rebar

Take a measurement in terms of diameter of your rebar. Use a bit larger as compared to the size of drill holes in the two by ten lumber which will allow you to focus the spindle. Centering the axle will help in a way that the top remains even with lumber’s head. For instance, if you have spindle which has a 24-inch diameter, drill your rebar holes approx. 12 inches from the top of your lumber.

4th Step: Install the Rebar and Spindle

Hose reel manufacturer will thread the rebar’s piece through the drilled holes in the two by ten braces at the spindle’s center.

5th Step: Handle Installation

Use wooden screws to fix the wood dowel to the spindle’s outside page. Now attach small L-clips and fasten them with short wood screws.

Step 6: Finishing

Paint the hose reel with your color choice.

Wrap Up

Through the above steps, you can make your hose reel with the help of hose reel or fire cabinet manufacturer.

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Mathew Richard
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