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The Importance of Inspection For Your Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are always a crucial part of fire resistance, but on many occasion, they get misused as door seizes. In worst cases, the extinguishers are left in some corner or forgotten about. However, ignored fire extinguishers contains a hidden risk; failure to operate in case of non-maintenance. You need an expert fire extinguisher supplier to save yourself from a life-threatening scathe.

Fire extinguishers play a critical role in firefighting as first aid. Their existence means the difference between a small localized event that is out luckily, or the fire and rescue service reaching to search raging inferno that is putting property, environment and most importantly, life at risk.

Fire extinguishers are supposed to provide first aid ability for firefighting. In the event of fire occurrence, you would definitely want your extinguisher to work as per expectation. For meeting the expectation, there is a severe need for proper and regular maintenance. For instance, If the safety pin instilled in the extinguisher has abraded, it merely means that the pin cannot be uninstalled. The result is, the fire extinguisher is inoperable.

Annual safety checks by an experienced and competent Fire Extinguisher Technician, who has relevant training, tools, equipment, qualification and enough experience and access to components and refills, would identify and correct this kind of issue, lubricating and cleaning, or replacing the pin, if necessary.

On every fire extinguisher technician’s visit, every extinguisher is subject to stringent check, before it can be signed off as safe to use. They will have the experience to identify any extinguisher that has reached expiry date before you end up with the extinguishing device that won’t work or worse, becomes hazardous to you or your employees.

To choose a service provider for inspection and maintenance of your extinguisher, it is necessary to make sure the competence of the individual or company being employed for carrying out check and maintenance. Not every service provider will have the required level of expertise as you would expect or hope for.

There is a possibility that you may have ‘serviced’ extinguishers but may be unable to operate correctively.

Wrap Up

The annual attendance by a professionally trained technician for inspection of your equipment will ensure that the extinguisher is in good working condition. Yearly checking also makes sure you have the appropriate quantity and types of fire extinguishers to keep you safe. For extra own protection, you must let your extinguisher checked from third party.

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