Three Important Types of Garden Hose Reels
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Downsides of Water Hose Reels that You Must Know
September 28, 2020
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Not only are garden hose reels are practical, but they can also improve the look of your yard. A few decorative hose reels from a quality hose reel supplier are enticing in their own right. However, the major reason they can aid you in improving the feel and look of your yard is by enabling you to keep the water hose off the surface. This can also help it from becoming damaged or becoming an obstacle in your yard.

Following are some kinds of garden hose reels that can match your different needs.

Wall Mount Hose Reels

The wall mount style is self-explanatory. It is usually fixed above or right next to the water faucet. They normally come in either as heavy plastic or as a decorative metal. A few of them have a small or a shelf storage compartment. In those compartments, you can keep hose attachments such as sprayers, or other small watering or gardening items handy.

If they aren’t retractable they will have a handle or crank that is used to reel in the hose to be neatly stored.

Retractable Hose Reels

Automatic or retractable reels kept besides a fire cabinet can aid you a lot. The cabinet manufactured by a reliable fire cabinets manufacturer is important to keep your garden safe. Coming back to retractable hose reels; they generally use battery, electricity or water power to retract the water hose, most use a rechargeable battery. These are useful for those who have a hard time doing this task; especially if it is due to a bad back or a physical limitation.

They can be ground-mounted, wall-mounted, or portable.

Garden Hose Carts

A hose cart is a garden hose reel having wheels. This option gives you the flexibility to move the whole unit around to different faucets within the yard. They can be wonderful if you get a larger property with multiple spigots.

Some of these also come with a shelf or basket that allows you to carry small lawn and garden tools around the yard with you.

Last Word

When you shop for a garden hose reel, ensure you pick the one that will fit your hose size or already have for your yard; in diameter and feet both. Regularly using a hose storage device like this can help keep your yard organized and looking nice.

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