March 7, 2019
March 7, 2019


Description 9 Kg ABC Dry Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher
Agent(灭火介质) 9 Kg HJ ABC Universal Powder (40%MAP)
Propellant 推动气体 Nitrogen gas
Material (筒体材料) ST12
Valve (阀门规格) M30×1.5 Pressure Relief Valve With CE Approval
Working pressure  (工作压力) 14bar at 20°c
Test Pressure  (测试压力) 27Bar
Volume (筒体水容积) 10.8L
Fire rating (灭火级别) 43A/233B/C
Discharge time (喷射时间 >17’S
Range (喷射范围 6~8 m
Operating temperature (工作温度) -20ºC ~ +60ºC
Finishing (表面处理) Powder Coating UV Resistance
Extinguisher weight (整机重量) 13.18 kg
Cylinder size (øDxH)(筒体尺寸) ø183mm x449mm
Packing size (LxWxH) (包装尺寸) 195mm x195mm x575mm
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