Product Code:PAFC-9
March 4, 2019
Product Code:PAPS-9
March 5, 2019

Product Code:PAPS-6

Description: 6Kg ABC Dry Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher
Agent: 6 Kg HJ ABC Universal Powder (40%MAP)
Propellant: Nitrogen gas
Material: Stinless Steel
Valve: M30×1.5 Pressure Relief Valve With CE Approval
Working Pressure(bar): 14bar at 20°c
Test_Pressure: 27 Bar
Volume: 8.0L
Fire rating: 27A/183B/C
Discharge Time(s): >16’S
Range(m): 6~8 m
Operating_temperature: -30ºC ~ +60ºC
Extinguisher_Weight: 9.2 kg
Cylinder_Size: ø153mm x 482mm
Packing_Size: 180mm x180mm x605mm
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